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Yogamar E


Offers Yoga & Spinal Rejuvenation Therapy




Deepen your insight on how to rid yourself of tension and how to restore the balance between relaxation/flexibility and strength. Both on a physical/emotional level and also in the mind. It is in a healthy body, that the spirit can reside in joy. On the entrance of a Kung-Fu temple it is written: health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing. The buddhists also remind us of the importance to take well care of our bodies, as it is the temple of our souls.



At Yogamar E you'll learn how to mobilise the spine in a profound way and also apply that mobilisation into movement. So I'll teach you how to mobilise the frozen parts and how to then integrate the new shifted alignment into a movement chain. That's very complex work. 10 private 90 minute sessions or a course of 10 classes, is a perfect way to let you take of and take the basics of spinal rejuvenation into your own hands. This method is a must for professional singers, as it opens the full potential of their voice.


I'll teach how to relief lower, upper back and the transition between upper back and neck. All of that results in releasing tension and building up a new more subtle strength.


Within the Yogamar E department we'll practice breathing and open up to energetic alignment of the three centres, belly, heart and head. This makes us more complete humans, capable of becoming more coherent between our heart wisdom and joy, our deeds and thoughts.


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