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Family Work


As a therapist for the students of CODARTS ( University Of Performing Arts Rotterdam ), I had the joy and luck to work with many brilliant young artists, mostly in their teens and twenties. Most of them, if not all, were highly sensitive. It is not always easy for young gifted and highly intelligent children and young adults to fit into our current school system and society.


In 2000 I started helping them with a special yoga technique to get the most of their physical efficiency in their techinque of playing an instrument or dancing and singing. Along the years I also started more and more in coaching them energetically and spiritually. 


So next to the physical alignment work to perfect their technique and performance, I now also teach them energywork. It has often been a great joy to find ways for them, how to be authentic and still deal with what was demanded by the system or society in a creative way.


I also use playful coaching techniques, which include movement to mediate between parents and children/young adults or teachers. By using special techniques, which go beyond the spoken work, it is much easier to understand each other on a deeper level. New creative solutions can arise from this, which can allow the young ones to more fully express themselves and be understood. It allows the adults to receive the gifts from this young so talented people, who are often mislabeled for authistic or ADHD.

Mutual respect and understanding will increase and inspired solutions can arrise. 

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