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Phoenix Rebirthing Journey

and Healing Touch


This treasure consist of three tretmants of 2 hours. Singular healing touch treatments, are possible too. You'll receive a healing touch massage. This gentle massage ( although I have experience in shiatsu and ayur veda ) serves the purpose to remind your cells and body of it's pure source. Through life we collect many programms and conditionnings. All the traumas, we experience will be stored in our bodies memory. This treatment cleanses those imprints and reminds you of your pristine origin. The full Phoenix  treatment, including three sessions, will include an enegry cleansing, a rebirthing journey and grounding deeply into your new refreshed self. If you desire so, you can receive special excersises to continue the proces and establish new healthier habits in your daily life. The treatment can be perfectly adjusted to your individual needs. So feel free to e mail me and create your unique Phoenix Rebirthing Journey with me and embark on your journey of more soulful living today. 


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